Xmas Giveaway: Day 1

by , Saturday December 1, 2012
Xmas Giveaway: Day 1

The first activity for our Christmas giveaway.. and we have an incredible prize!


Not due to be launched until 2013, the txtr beagle promises to revolutionise the way you read books. It is the smallest and lightest eReader on the market and comes in a variety of stylish colours. It provides a great display for reading ebooks, working in conjunction with a smartphone.

Fancy being one of the first to get your hands on this great device? Well, all you have to do is…

Visit the txtr store at www.txtr.com and find the "Top Titles For Young Adults". Pick a book that you love or would love to read. Let us know what your choice is in the comments below and write a short line (tweet length - so 140 characters) about what makes it great or why you would love to read it.

You could then be one of the first people to own the txtr beagle PLUS the lovely people at Harlequin Books have kindly given us a copy of ‘Saving June’ by Hannah Harrington already loaded onto the winning beagles PLUS there would also be two professionally edited Movellas for you to get reading straight away!

*By submitting an entry for this contest, you consent to txtr contacting you about promotions or promotional activity that they are running.

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