Spooky Stories: The Winners

by , Thursday November 8, 2012
Spooky Stories: The Winners

And here we have it.. the spookiest winners!


1st: The Reaper Diaries by Fleeples

I’m Death.

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. Grim reaper. Evil forces. Your name on a list. Coming to get you in the dark of the night, rip you away because it’s your time to go. But it doesn’t really work like that. Nobody has a time. It just happens.


2nd: The Interview from Hell by BMahal

I gazed down at my watch 9.42am, I was running late. “Not again” I mumbled under my breath. This was a complete nightmare. I couldn’t afford to miss out on this job, and it didn’t quite help not exactly knowing where the office was located. I was completely relying on my phone map.


3rd: Possessed by J.K. Panesar

Those dressed in black, wept and wailed. Some stood stationary, overwhelmed by the disastrous catastrophe that took place. A huge rabble of loved ones crowded a polished wooden grained coffin. The priest said the holy prayers and all departed. All but two...



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