Unfairly Accused: Winners

by , Friday November 2, 2012
Unfairly Accused: Winners

The incredible winning stories to our Unfairly Accused writing contest were inspired by Maggot Moon and Sally Gardner. There were many good entries, but these three bring you into the story and make you understand what it is to be unfairly accused. 


1st - Consequences of Pleading Guilty by lucygrundyhp

Sighing, I scraped my hair up, and turned my attention back to the picture I was staring at. More like some kind of distorted x-ray of some alien...an invader of me. I still didn’t know what to think of it. A tear slipped away, and I rubbed my eyes furiously, desperate not to feel any more pain over him.


2nd - Age does (not) matter by Silent Melody

The air in the police station felt hot and clammy. My mother walked nervously in circels, not giving me even a single look, her high heels clik-clakking.  Behind a desk a nervous looking, young police officer with red hair and freckles stood, and wrote on his computer. Everytime his fingers pressed a key on the keyboard, it made a clicking noise. The watch on the wall counted every second. I sighed, and leaned back in hard, wooden chair, and tried to relax. But the noise got even higher. Click-clack my mothers heels made. Click-click-click-click on the computer. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.


3rd - They are wrong by Kit Kat

I run,

I run through the fog that fills the sky,

I run away from what has happened,

The death,

The death of someone I loved,

Something I witnessed.

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