A Message from Movellas

by , Monday October 29, 2012


It has been a challenging time at Movellas headquarters recently. While it is incredible to see how many of you feel passionately about the future of the site and have offered your ideas and feedback, we are very aware that there is a concern about some of the content appearing and the ages of the authors. 
There is a balancing act between encouraging people to be creative and free in their writing and at the same time protecting our younger users. To help maintain this we want to announce a change to our Terms of Service that can be seen here
In future, we will ask users we believe to be under the age of 16 to remove or edit their sexually explicit content. As we are a small team, it is impossible for us to read every single story published here, so we will rely on our 'flagging' system to alert us to cases where this is necessary. 
We also want to make it clear that this does not mean our younger users can not reference sex or adult topics in their writing, but it must be done in a mature way that is central to the story. Our team will be able to offer advice to authors who want help with this. 
To improve this system, we will shortly be introducing a more sophisticated system of age ratings to each movella. Until this happens, please bear with us as we attempt to regain this balance. We also understand that this might not answer every concern that has been raised, but some of these issues are part and parcel to belonging to an online community and cannot be solved overnight.  
Many thanks, 
Jordan Philips, UK Editor
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