Winner:  Stand Up On The Huffington Post

Stand Up For Teens

The Movellians Have Spoken!

Wow wow wow wow wow wow.  We absolutely loved the way that you responded to this competition, so much so that we're currently thinking about adding more non-fiction sub categories to the site and app to cater for all the journalistic talent that we've seen.


For too long, teenage views have been represented in the media by adults who think they understand how teens feel, but you've been able to convey the true views of teens and we loved hearing from you, as will the readers of The Huffington Post.


As always, it was diffuclt to choose a winner, but we narrowed it down to the final 4 below.  All brilliant, all different and all authentic:

1st:  Plugged In - L.Rose

2nd: Teenage Airheads - Inkpencil

3rd:  Are all Teenagers really Tv Driven Juveniles - Jodemeister

Special mention:  Look Twice, Then Think - Theatricalbutterfly



Well done to the overall winner by L. Rose, who will now be published in The Huffington Post very soon.  I'm sure their readers will enjoy the article as much as we did.  Stay tuned as we'll be promoting this on movellas!



Well done to the runners up too.  We'll send some books your way.


Look out for more opinion based writing competitions on the site.  We think we have some talented budding journalists on movellas and we think the world deserves to hear from you!

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