Winners: Create a Legacy

by , Wednesday September 26, 2012
Winners: Create a Legacy

Annoucing the Winners of the Spinebreakers/Movellas "Create a Legacy" competition....

So much awesomeness!


Well done to everyone who entered the "Create a Leagcy" competition!  The entries were awesome and covered the word 'legacy' from so many angles.  Choosing the winners was a difficult job because of the sheer creativity of the entries.  You movellians just exude creativty.  It's oozing out of every orifice and we love it!

We eventually managed to choose 3 winners.  Our overall winner wrote an amazing entry that combined an interesting view point and captured a defining moment in American history.  Second and third place used completely different settings and ideas which were also brilliant and thought provoking reads, showing how diverse the word 'legacy' really is.

1st:  Ruby - Emilyk01

2nd: Poppy Love - Autumnfyre

3rd:  The Curriculum - Jellybabies

Well done to all those who entered.  Everyone at Movellas towers really enjoyed reading every entry and we can't wait to ignite those creative juices once again with our upcoming competitions, so stay tuned!


Thanks to the lovely poeple at Penguin and Spinebreakers for supporting this competition and providing what's probably one of the best prizes ever!

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