Movellas: The Winners

by , Tuesday October 9, 2012

Have you forgotten some of the incredible winners Movellas has had in the past?

We run a lot of writing competitions here - we think having a deadline and a theme can bring out the best in writers, and we love to give away prizes! You can check out the current list of contests here. We are particularly excited about our Girl Heart Boy contest, as it has our best prize yet - being published by Penguin!


But with all these competitions, it can be easy to forget who won what, easy to forget how good the winning entries were. So we thought we would just remind you - add these winning entries from the last year to your favourites, download our app, and you never have to be without awesome stories to read. 

Valentines competition - Jodemeister

Hunger Games fan fic - Hassi

 Fashion contest - stevie14

Voices of now (diary) - moomin

 World of Warcraft - Pinkerchu

Both Sides of the Story (bullying) - Ice Cream Girl

 One Direction fan fic - ElizabethHale


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