Concerning One Direction

by , Tuesday September 11, 2012

A letter to all Movellians concerning the community, fan fiction and One Direction. 


Dear Movellians, 


It has become increasingly obvious (the petition being the latest proof) that many of you are not happy with the massive rise of One Direction fan fiction. This has been due to a mixture of the band's incredible rise all over the world, the 1D summer writing competition and our extremely succesful 1D fan fic app.


A lot of this is great news - Movellas are all about stories, community and sharing, so the more people who are involved the better! But recently it has become apparent that some Movellians, including some of our most active and oldest users, feel that there is too much One Direction fan fiction and that it is becoming harder to write a popular story that does not reference the five boys. 


We are very aware that this is an issue and please don't think we are ignoring it (we constantly discuss it in our tiny little office). Two weeks ago we made changes to the front page of the website based on your feedback. We have also introduced a variety of new competitions, including the incredibly successful poetry competition with nearly 300 entries. But we are looking to do more and it would be great if you could feedback the things you would like to see (in the comments). 


However we would not want to remove fan fiction or 1D as this category of writing have inspired 1000s of teens who previously might not have been interested in reading and writing. The new users also allow us as a business to invest more in new features and writing competitions, which will benefit all users. Instead we would like to focus on finding other ways to improve your experience. One way could be to allow all users to customize their experience and eseentially allowing you to completely turn off a category you don’t like, but perhaps you can come up with a smarter way? Just consider that we are a small little team and we don’t have millions to build new fancy websites.  


We really cannot stress how much we appreciate that you stand up for what you believe is right, but we would like to find a way for the community to co-exist and for everyone to be able to read and write what they are passionate about. This will not happen immediately, but we are confident it will balance out soon based on your feedback. 


There is really something for everyone on Movellas, even if it might be buried a little deeper than we would all like at the moment. 


Many thanks, 


Jordan Philips,

UK Editor



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