RuneScape Heroes

by , Tuesday September 4, 2012
RuneScape Heroes


The RuneScape Signature Heroes!

Struggling to know what to write about for our RuneScape writing contest? Have a great idea but not sure what characters to populate it with? Well, this might help you!


The RuneScape Signature Heroes

Ariane is a heroine who doesn't believe in convention. She is a free spirit, hungry to explore the lands of Gielinor to uncover magic's secrets. She hates the idea that all of magic's answers could be listed in a single spellbook, and that there is nothing left for her to discover. Her deep desire to understand more of the world has borne fruit - she is one of the most powerful magic users you will ever cross paths with, and adversaries tremble at the mere mention of her name.

Ariane believes that the art of magic has many more secrets to offer, and disagrees with the strict doctrine of wizards. She believes that gaining experience of the wider world is the best way to improve one's abilities, rather than rummaging desperately in the past.

Ariane was raised in Seers' Village and has spent her life researching magic. She has often been accused of neglectfully exploring the fringes of magic. She has spent a portion of her life studying at the Wizards' Tower and the Wizards' Guild. To underestimate her knowledge of magic would be unwise at best... 



People like Sir Owen get to where they are because they keep their eyes permanently fixed on their goals. Sir Owen's unwavering determination to be the best has seen him become one of the most established Temple Knights. He was also once a member of the White Knights, where his strength as a melee warrior won him immense acclaim from the elite.

Born in Falador, Sir Owen's steely resolve had seen him rise through the ranks of the White Knights. But his methods were at odds with those of the conservative knights and he was due to be dismissed, until the Temple Knights recruited him and helped him fulfil his undoubted potential. He has been given licence to pursue their aims through any methods he chooses, such is the respect he commands. He believes that all of his actions are watched over by Saradomin, and he will use any means necessary to complete his tasks.

Sir Owen has a gauntlet about the throat of criminal activity in Asgarnia and beyond. He will do anything he can to rid the realm of evil.


There are few as charismatic as Ozan. There are also few as loyal and intrepid. Ozan focuses theseenergies on adventuring, and telling stories of those adventures for the attention of anyone who cares to listen. He's also pretty handy with a lute, and believes that his destiny is fame, fortune and riches.

To underestimate Ozan and dismiss him as a travelling entertainer would be foolhardy. The quiver he bears on is back is packed with arrows that are sure to make their mark whenever Ozan draws his bow; he is a master marksman, and spends his idle time sharpening his skills. He is also a marksman of a different kind, able to pickpocket or thieve his 'mark' without them sensing he is even in their presence.

Born in Al Kharid but now considering Varrock to be his home, Ozan will boast that he has visited every place at least once. Incredibly brave, Ozan would be a handy friend to make on your own adventures.



The Raptor looms over all who would dare approach him. His reputation precedes him - he alwaysappears to be in the midst of a fight, battling only the strongest opponents and the toughest challenges. No-one knows his origins. He's constantly clad in extraordinarily heavy armor, lugging weapons that no ordinary man could ever hope to lift.

Despite his imposing demeanour, The Raptor is a powerful being who commands respect, and will only engage in conversation with those he deems worthy. Getting his attention means taking up arms and slaughtering something large and powerful...

The Raptor is shrouded in mystery. A silent, lumbering brute who's incredibly skilled in most forms of combat, it's better making friends with him than getting on his wrong side.

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