The Winners: One Direction

by , Tuesday August 28, 2012
The Winners: One Direction

One of our most popular competitions ever! And the winners are...


Helped by our 1D experts: @UnitedForZayn and @1directionfans, we are ready to let you know who the three winners of our One Direction Fan Fiction competition are. We watched as you fell in love with these stories, desperately waiting for the next chapter and to see who would fall in love with who - they were well written, moving and original. But, as always, it was not easy!


Here goes...


1st: Match: One Direction - by Elizabeth Hale

2nd: Dream Chaser - by ClearSkies

3rd: Everything About You - by J.K. Bonk


There is a lot of One Direction to read on Movellas, but these three are must reads! We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


Well done to our competition winners, but also to everyone who entered. Keep on the look out for loads more exciting writing contests.  


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