by , Thursday September 6, 2012

One of our Maggot Moon inspired activities: Talking about teachers!


To celebrate the release of the incredible new iBook by Sally Gardner, Maggot Moon, we have planned a whole host of activities. First up, just a little chat!


"She made it clear as glass that she had no intention of teaching a whole load of rubbish to children who deserved better" - Maggot Moon


Maybe you're in school or recently left, it might even be a distant memory, but we have all had incredible teachers. There are some who just do things differently and manage to convey a passion for their subject, whether it is literature, maths, sciences or sport.


We can share all those memories in the comments below, talk about teachers that have helped you and teachers that might not have followed the rules to get results. Nominate someone or even better, get everyone in your class to write a line about your favourite teacher!


And be sure to check out our other Maggot Moon activites, including the What Pulls At Your Gravity? contest, the Unfairly Accused competition and the All The Things He's Never Done discussion. 

To find our more about Maggot Moon here or purchase the iBook (with links to all our activities embedded in!) here.


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