A Legacy of Prizes!

by , Wednesday August 15, 2012
A Legacy of Prizes!

Our Create A Legacy competition has the most exciting set of prizes to date, a new book for every week of the year!


By now, you have probably seen our latest writing competition. You have probably begun plotting your story, choosing your characters, deciding your twist and generally been the creative and imaginiative bunch we know you to be. But if you still need a bit of an incentive, feast your eyes on the prize!


Kindly donated by Penguin Books, Movellas presents to you a book for every week: 


Week 1.      Cinder

Week 2.      Matched

Week 3.      Legend

Week 4.      Girl Heart Boy

Week 5.      Beautiful Creatures

Week 6.      I Am Number 4

Week 7.      Probability of Miracles

Week 8.      True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean

Week 9.      How I Live Now

Week 10.    Black Heart Blue

Week 11.    Between Shades of Gray

Week 12.    Being Billy

Week 13.    TimeRiders Book 1

>Get ready to be addicted to your favourite new series!

Week 15.   Bloodlines

>Football lover or not, you are in for a treat. 

Week 18.   White Teeth – Zadie Smith

Week 27.   Quiet – Susan

Week 30.   Perfect – Felicity Coake

>Spend the whole week getting fat with the perfect recipe for everything. 

>This one might need more than a week of reading, but it might just be the best thing you ever read. 

Week 33.   The Free World – David Bezmozgis

Week 34.   Mrs Bridge

>An academic week or reading and finding your inner psycholgist. 

Week 37.   On the Road

>A new film has brough Kerouac and his classic beat tale back from the dead!

Week 38.   This is a Book

Week 40.   A Heart so White

Week 41.   The Underground Man

Week 42.   The Diary of a Nose

Week 43.   Swimming Studies

Week 44.   Dracula

>And to close.. 2 months of classics!

Week 45.   Frankenstein

Week 46.   Great Expectations

Week 47.   Gulliver’s Travels

Week 50.   Jane Eyre

Week 52.   The Moonstone


The best set of prizes in the writing/internet land? Yes. Yes it is.   





















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