Interview: Alix

by , Thursday July 19, 2012
Interview: Alix

Behind the Movellas: Part 2

After the success of our first 'Behind the Movellas' interviewing Dann Fairface, we searched far and wide for our next candidate before settling on Alix. She impressed with the poignant realism in her movella, Finding Theo


When did you start writing?


My earliest story was written when I was five years old. I was a quite a mature child where reading and writing was concerned. The book was called Ruby The Red Fairy and it was ten pages. I still have it! [ed: upload it to Movellas please!]
Why do you write?
One of the reasons I write is because throughout my life I have found school difficult; in maths and science in primary school I often felt stupid and I got extra help. Even in secondary school the only way I found myself feeling confident it was in English. Furthermore, I get angry and frustrated really easily and when I'm in the least bit cross or upset I burst into tears. Writing helps me combat this and this is why my characters are so emotional.
Why do you use Movellas?
I was first told about Movellas by my Dad who has always been so supportive of my writing. He wanted me to share my work, and I found that Movellas was a supportive and anonymous way to show Finding Theo, and my other stories.
 Where would you like your writing to take you? What are your plans for the future?
I would of course like to become a writer, however I would like to accomplish this when I'm young. This is because I would like to leave this behind me professionally when I'm older and go on to become a teacher or a art/literary counsellor. I don't want to be one of those people who think they can do a million different jobs and give each one 100%. I want to do one thing and make sure I'm giving it everything. 
What do you find hardest about writing? How do you overcome these difficulties?
I think the most difficult thing is, especially at my age, what you can or can't write about. For example, when I was writing Finding Theo I wanted Bella to get raped on the streets and give birth to a beautiful baby girl, who the book would be dedicated to. However I soon realised that I had absolutely no clue what I was writing about. So it's quite clear how I overcome this. I just decide to write about things I do know about!
Your writing is very mature and deals with big issues. What drives you to write about this?Cover image of story 'Finding Theo' of category 'Non Fiction'
I had no idea my writing was mature. My critics think I write like 'a silly teenager'. Most of the issues I write about I have experienced, and I am a very emotional person so I find it easy to transfer my feelings into my characters. My leading female characters- like Bella and Natalie, I see as myself and therefore I can make things that have happened to me happen to them.
I also want to show the world that teenagers can take a mature approach to big issues, and we are passionate about these as much as adults are. I suppose that's the main thing. My goal is to prove to myself and the rest of the world that I can do this.
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