World of Warcraft: The Winners

And the winners are...


The World of Warcraft fan fiction competition ended nearly a week ago, thank you so much for sticking with us while we decided on the winners. We know it can be a time of little sleep and hallucinations, but now it is time for the announcement!


The quality of the entires was incredible and the main reason it took a week to decide. You guys can really write! First we had to whittle down nearly 100 entries to 8 (the Movellas office was a place of heated debate and nights spent reading/fighting over empty pizza boxes) and then rank these 8 stories into an order.


It was hard, really hard, so don't feel too disheartened if you didn't place in this competition. There are plenty more writing contests live on the site at the moment and plenty more planned (HINT: if you like writing fantasty, make sure you visit next week!).


So, before you accuse me of talking too much, here are the winners:


1st Remnants of a Surrendered Legacy - PinkerchuCover image of story 'Remnants of a Surrendered Legacy: the Story of Tiaera Cinderblood' of category 'Fan Fiction' Cover image of story 'Broken' of category 'Fan Fiction'

2nd The Innkeeper's Daughter - akabeko

3rd Broken - TimWB

4th Assassin of Kings - N.T.Blevins

5th Dornaa the Shaman - Christine

6th The Destroyers Gaze - NinjaDino

7th Ashes and Arrows - Relaxation

8th Master and Mount - dragon soul jess


Well done to everyone on the list! We took into account originiality of story, writing style, WoW authenticity and reception within the Movellas community. Many stories hit all of these criteria, but eventually we had to be as ruthless as the Scourge. 


Thank you to everyone who entered and made our job so hard, but so enjoyable. Movellians, I salute you. I recommend spending the next 2 hours reading the winning entries and, now that you are in the mood, reading everything that was entered!


Keep writing!


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