Both Sides of the Story: The Winners

Top 5

For the last month you have all been writing away to enter this competition and it ended up with over 100 amazing entries. Today we are very happy to let you know who won!


Some of them made us laugh, some of them made us get angry, a lot of them made us cry, but they were all great and very poignant. Writing can be a great way to understand, empathise with and help beat something as devastating as bullying, and you all seemed to instantly get that. Movellians, you do us proud!


But let's get down to it. Movellas produced a shortlist that we sent over to Bryony Allen - you remember her right? the amazing author whose book Otoli was the stimulus for the competition - and she came up with the top 5.


We were lucky enough to be sponsered by SMART technologies, who will give away a set of SMART Response Interactive Response System to the winner and runner up. But there is also a laptop for the winner, topshop vouchers for the runner up, and signed copies of Otoli for all 5.

I'm waffling again and I can feel you getting excited.. so here goes:


1st IceCreamGirl - Sorry

2nd Inkpencil.. ;) - Your Own Worst Enemy

3rd moomin98 - Baby Face

4th Jodemeister.. - Trapped

5th Chetna - The Bully and The Bullied


These are your winners, congratulations! If you haven't already, you should go and read these stories now. Thank you to everyone who entered, I can't tell you how hard this one was to judge, some of the writing was incredible.


If you are disappointed that you aren't in the top 5, don't despair, we have lots of other competitions running at the moment with more amazing prizes. One Direction fan fiction, a story around the Beat Girl series and a picture prompt competition!


There is no excuse not to keep writing and keep reading. :)



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