Marketing your Movella: Help from the experts

Marketing your Movella: Help from the experts

If you are filled with panic and your brain has gone blank about the prospect of running a promotional campaign, hopefully I'll be able to help you get started with some tips. Here are some thoughts to start to get your ideas fizzing.


Firstly, and most importantly, READ your chosen Movella. Nothing should give you inspiration more than the story you have chosen to promote. Depending on how you like to work (some people like lists, others like spider diagrams, others random scribblings...), after you've read it, write down all the things that you liked about the story. Which characters were your favourite? What bit of action / romance / mystery did you remember the most? What do you know about the author? Add that in too. Chuck it all down paper and don't worry that it may look a bit random at first.


Then, look over all the things you have written, and try to circle the things you most think would help someone else like the book too. Use these words to help you make a statement about the book to tell someone else. For instance, I once described a book as Downton Abbey meets Gossip Girl, which really helped us then work out who we were aiming at and what we would say about it.


Then, start planning your campaign. It's important to have a plan, or your efforts could be a bit disjointed. And also it just helps you make a to do list for you to work to. Start with ideas based your statement. Be as crazy as you like, you can always cut them back afterwards. Think about good pieces of promotion you have seen for other books, clothes, films, music, games, and use them to inspire you. Think about all the free tools that are out there: videos on an iPhone can be just as good as professional videos if done right; Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram are all free; if you can get hold of a Mac InDesign is very easy to use to make flyers, or if not, the new versions of Word can also do some very smart art.


The main thing to remember is having one focused message that runs through your campaign, one key thing that you're selling the story on. This will really help your campaign to find a home, and give people the tools to tell other people about it. And remember to stay passionate throughout your campaign. If people really believe you love the book, they should start to listen to you.


Good luck!


Sarah Benton,

Sales & Marketing Manager, Hot Key Books

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