Teaching you how to share

by , Thursday June 7, 2012
Teaching you how to share

How to market a movella
In light of our new ‘Show Us How You Share’ competition we will be providing some useful tips on how to market your movella, whether it is for the competition or if you just want a larger fan base for some of your best writing.


So, where do you start?

You’ve put your heart and soul into writing a movella but what are the necessary steps that need to be taken in order to transform you from the author of your movella to a top class marketer of it.

As marketing guru Philip Kotler states:
“Marketers influence demand by making the product appropriate, attractive, affordable and easily achievable to target consumers”.

The focus when promoting your movella therefore is to not only have a thorough knowledge of the product, but also of the consumer who will be using the product, or reading the movella. Accordingly, sufficient time needs to be dedicated to understanding your consumer and the most appropriate channels for reaching them.


Once you have managed this, the hard bit is over and done with and you can now enjoy promoting your movella and watching your fan numbers increase.

A number of effective ways to then promote your movella(s) may include:

  • Social Media: Make sure to use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote your movella. Tweet or post teasers as well as links to your work.
  • Blogging: Start a blog and quote some of the most compelling sections from your movella. Build a community of interest around the movella and topics relating to it. You could also comment on related blogs leaving links to your work.
  • Online Groups: Join online book clubs, writer’s groups and community forums and actively participate in groups that might be interested in your movella genre (remember it is about reaching your TARGET audience).
  • Make a Video/Trailor: Create a video or trailer of your movella and post it on YouTube, making sure to include a link to your work.
  • Email: Email the link of your movella to your friends and family and ask them to pass it on. Word of mouth can be a very effective marketing tool.


And don’t forget to be as creative as possible; some of the best marketing campaigns are the most shocking ones.

Good luck!

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