Tips to beat Writer’s Block: 1

Free Writing

Struggling with writer's block? Over the next few weeks our UK editor will be giving you the best 10 strategies and techniques to beat it. Read on for inspiration.




We have all had it, and we will all have it again. It is nothing to be ashamed of, it means you are a writer. Staring at white paper or a blank screen; fingers poised over the keyboard or tightly gripped on a pen. Writer’s block. That dreaded disease that can hit us when we want to write the most. What tennis elbow is to Roger Federer.


So, what to do when you feel the symptoms coming on? There are hundreds of techniques that beginners or pros can use, and over the next few weeks Movellas will be sharing them all with you.


The first one is something that can be done every morning, whether you are in the deepest parts of the disease or fighting fit, but is particularly good when you are stumped for inspiration.


Free writing.


Within minutes the unblemished whiteness that seems to be screaming at your soul will be covered with beautifully scrawled black lines. A lot of it might be unusable or unpolished, but it will get your juices flowing and there are usually lots of sentences you can take from the page to get you inspired.


Here’s how it works:

  • Put 15 minutes on a timer and begin the countdown.
  • Your hand has to move the whole time, not too fast, but consistently moving. DO NOT read what you have just written.
  • Pay no attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation, neatness or style. This is an exercise, not something for someone to read. The only thing that matters is to continue writing the whole time.
  • Once the 15 minutes is over, stop. Read over everything with a highlighter, take out passages, words, characters, ideas or plot. This is your inspiration for the rest of the day, for the scene you were struggling with, for the story you wanted to write.

You have just completed one of the most effective and common strategies for dealing with writer’s block. Like ibuprofen for a headache, this technique works fast and gets straight to the source of the problem.

Good luck with your next Movella!

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