How do I read a story on Movellas?

When you want to read a new story, you can either browse through our categories or search through popular, updated, or latest stories.


Click on the story you want to read, either the tite or the cover image. It will open in a reader.

The other option is to download an ebook of the story as a .pub file by clicking on the icon.


How do I create a new movella?

This is done by either clicking on your username in the top right-hand corner of your Movellas page and selecting "New Story," or by going to your personal homepage and clicking on the "Write" icon.


After you’ve written a chapter, you can either choose to “Save as draft” or “Save and publish.” If you publish your story, it will be visible to all users on Movellas.


I use one of your apps, can I write a story on it?

If you are using the main Movellas iOS app, you can write a new story by going to the sidebar and clicking 'write'. Our other iOS and Android apps are currently being developed to support this, but in the meantime we suggest you write a story using the main website of Movellas after logging in with your details there.

I've forgotten my password, what should I do? 
Click here to reset your password. 
I get too many emails from you guys, what can I do? 
We are sorry if you have received too many emails or notifications from Movellas, we are trying to improve this as quickly as we can. Until then, you can change your notification settings by logging in to the site using this link.


What is the Movellas Forum?

In the Movellas Forum you can talk about practically everything, introduce yourself, look for co-authors, talk about literature, get writing tips, find answers to your questions, discuss the newest competition – you decide.
What is the Movellas Blog?
Here we share our thoughts about everything related to writing and reading. Follow us to learn more about how to write and how to get more readers for your awesome stories!
What are “categories”?
When you write and read on Movellas, you can choose between the following categories:
  •   Diary
  •   Fan Fiction
  •   Fantasy
  •   Humor
  •   Romance
  •   Mystery & Suspense
  •   Non Fiction
  •   Other
  •   Paranormal & Supernatural
  •   Pets & Animals
  •   Poetry
  •   Realism
  •   Science Fiction
  •   Thriller & Horror
  • Action/Adventure

This way it’s easier for you to find exactly the kind of stories you want to read!


What are Featured Stories and Hidden Gems?

These are stories chosen by our ambassadors and editors. The stories are displayed on the frontpage so they’re easy to find even if you’re new on the site.

What does the “like” button mean?
Add a star to the story by clicking the like button. The stories with the most stars month will show up in “Popular Stories” on the homepage.


What is “Add to Favourites”?
When you add a story to your favourites, it will show up under the list “My Favourite” on your profile. You can use this like a bookshelf :-)


What does it mean to “become a fan of an author”?
When you’re fan of an author, you’ll receive an email when the author publishes new stories or adds chapters to existing stories. You can see all the authors you’re a fan of on your profile.


What does it mean to “tweet” a story?
When you tweet a story you share the story with your friends on Twitter.


What does it mean to “like” a story on Facebook?
When you like a story on Facebook, a link to the story will show on your facebook wall :-P


How do I edit a movella that I’ve started?
Go to “My Movellas” and click “Edit”. You can choose to edit the 1) Story Info 2) Covers 3) Chapters


How do I invite co-authors?
You need to be editing the story you want to invite co-author(s) for; this option will appear on the right side of the page.


You can invite co-authors from your fanlist and have private discussions with them as well.


Is there a minimum or maximum word count for stories?
No, but for writing competitions, always check the details towards to bottom of the competition page for any word limits to entries.


How do I delete a story?
Go to “Story info” and click the orange button “Delete”.


How can I delete my account? 
You can either: 1). Send an email with your username and a link to your profile to contact@movellas.com with the subject title "Delete Account."
Or, 2). Deactivate your account using the link at the bottom of your profile information page


Someone is harassing me. What should I do?

You can aways reach out for help to our ambassadors if you're being harassed, bullied, or otherwise bothered by trolls on Movellas. Using the flag icon on comments and stories, you may also report users on the comments or messages they are harassing you from. Our team takes bullying very seriously and will warn, and then permanently remove any users who engage in this.


Where do I report glitches?

Send an email with your username, a description of the glitch, and a screenshot or the link URL you were on when the gitch occured. *Be sure to also mention what program you were using in the email (the app, iOS, PC, or Android) and send it to contact@movellas.com with the subject title "Glitch."


Do you accept content in languages other than English?
Yes – we accept all languages! 


How can I get more people to read and comment on my movellas?

The best way to do this is be active on the site. Give other authors good feedback, join a competition or two, connect with people in the forums, or create interesting mumbles - there's not a whole lot you can't do in connecting with the other writers & readers here on Movellas.


How do I enter writing competitions?
Choose the competition you want to enter and click the “Join this competition“ button on the right-side of the page. Now start writing your movella!


How can my story be "featured?"

The Movellas team is always reading your stories and getting some great recommendations from our ambassadors who read them even more! The team decides what stories get added to the "Editor's Choice" section on the homepage so if you want your story to be featured there, our suggestions would be to invite more readers for your story, mumble about it, or enter it into one of our writing compeitions where we often find some of the best stories, even if they don't all win :-)


What are Movellas ambassadors?

Ambassadors are here to help Movellas become a better website and importantly, a fun and helpful place to share your writing and read stories by other writers. Every year our team chooses the Ambassadors who have many duties and responsibilities, like helping us carry out our own tasks for Movellas and beta testing new features in letting us know when there's a problem and what can be done to improve it. Basically, our Ambassadors act as friendly, knowledgeable, active advocates on Movellas.


Can I become an ambassador?

Yes, anyone can :-) We accept new applications for Movellas ambassadors every year in June, so submit yours this year if you're interested!


Read more on what abassadors do for Movellas and why you should be an ambassador. Please also read the guidelines before applying because they are very important in fulfilling ambassador duties!


I have some suggestions for the website. Where should I put them?

Send an email with your username and suggestions to contact@movellas.com with the subject title "Suggestions for Website."




The Movellas Team