Movellas is a community site where young people can come together to share our passion for writing and reading great stories. Anyone can create an account and publish their writing on Movellas, making it available for all other users to read and comment on. It is not about being the best or the most popular, but about having a good time and improving your skills. 


At Movellas we take the matter of online safety very seriously and it is our top priority to maintain a safe, friendly and engaged environment. Any user of Movellas who does not abide by our rules will receive a warning and be asked to remove all offensive content and moderate their behavior. If the issue is not resolved, we will proceed to delete the user’s profile. We have automatic filters to help us, but we still encourage our users to help by reporting back to us immediately if they come across anything suspicious or unpleasant.


At Movellas we feel very strongly about bullying and we are doing our best to provide a community without bullying or hostility. We want everyone to feel comfortable and we tried to create an environment that maintains focus on writing and gives everyone an equal opportunity to share and engage, and hopefully get an experience that is not determined by their background or possible real life challenges. 

We provide clear safety guidelines and links to crisis hotlines and websites that are completely free and offer professional counseling and help. Of course the users of Movellas are also very welcome to contact us with any issues, if they feel more comfortable doing that.


How parents or guardians can help: 


  1. Explain to your children what information should be private, for instance your home address or security details. 
  2. Help your children understand the concept of anonymity and how people on the internet might not be who they say they are.
  3. Remind your children that once they post information online, they can’t take it back. Even if they delete the information from a site, older versions may exist on other people’s computers and be circulated online.
  4. Know how your children are getting online and what they do there. 
  5. Talk to your children about bullying, especially cyber bullying, and what to do about if they feel they are the victim of this. 
  6. Talk to your children about avoiding sex talk online. On Movellas there is no private chat function, so all conversations are public and visible for everyone, which discourages this type of behaviour.
  7. Tell your children to trust their gut if they have suspicions. If they feel threatened by someone or uncomfortable because of something online, encourage them to tell you. You can then help them report concerns to the police. Movellas has links where users can immediately report abusive, suspicious or inappropriate online behavior.
  8. Explore Movellas and get your child to show you the kind of stories they like to read, who they are talking to on the site and the stories they themselves write.


You can contact the movellas team at