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☽ I'll ship them even though they aren't gay. ☽

I'm in the superwholock fandom along with a thousand more others. I don't have an OTP because i've got too many ships to choose from. I ship Johnlock, Destiel and Merthur, oops. Also, I read a lot, hah. Here because I want to write more other than fanfiction. (◡‿◡✿) I've got a thing for the word 'kaleidoscope'. It's really fun to say, don't you think?

☽ Timelord ☽ Demon Hunter ☽ Sorcerer ☽ Pokemon Trainer ☽ Wizard ☽ Consulting Criminal ☽

Oh, I also have a thing for british boys who film videos in their bedroom to post it up on Youtube. Oops. In class, I'm known as the girl who never speaks. Only when Harry Potter is brought up, then I'm the one that never shuts up. Ravenclaw madafakas.

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