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1D lover ;)
You know that sport soccer? Yeah, I like that.
Also I've been missing someone, and it would be so cool if anyone help me find him. His name is: food. He comes in all different characteristics and sizes. If you find him, please tell me.

Please also read my fan fiction! I love you guys <3 bye bye sherberts!

  • Zellmer1DLuver

    mumbled "Update..."

    ALMOST DONE WITH THE NEXT UPDATE! Half way done, and this second half will be quicker to write :)
    How is everyone #updatingsoon #onedirection
  • Zellmer1DLuver

    mumbled "Umm..."

    I honestly don't know how the heck this website works... So, anyone willing to help? #help
    4 years ago
    Oh thanks! Love 1D btw.
    Umm... I got the whole how to put stories up, but what is with the mumbles... like how do they work? And what other things are there on this website?

    4 years ago
    The mumbles, well, the mumbles are just to talk to other authors on movellas, or to make an announcement. Like, you already mumbled, and you were asking for help. So when you post your mumble, it goes to the mumble area, and it is posted where everyone can see it. Well, I'll have to help you out later I have to go, sorry. Talk to ya later.
    4 years ago
    @[TheWanted_and_1D] Thanks :)
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