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Hey Gorgeous! xxx My names Emily! soon to be Emily Horan ;) hopefully. Dream high! :)))) But anyway as you probably already know I love One Direction!!! Their my life, my lovers, my heroes and my saviours.

I love writing, but it only write One Direction fanfictions, sorry...

Your beautiful ok? Don't forget that because you are, and no one has the right to tell you differently.

I'm insecure, and I know what for. So if you try to cheer me up, such as say; Your not ugly your pretty! Or; Your beautiful love!
I'll thank you for it, but won't believe it, I've been told too many times what I am, and trust me they arnt good.

I'm broken and can't be fixed.

The only people that can really make me smile and the 5 wonderful boys that saved my life. The 4 British boys that stole my heart and the one Irish boy that ate it; One Direction xoxo

I love all of you! xxx ok

There's not really much you have to know about my personality...
I'm shy when you first meet me, but after a day or 2 you'll think I'm completely insane! Food is my life, and technically my boyfriend ;)
Like I said I love writing, and if write for you lovely people, plus because I just love writing.

Well that's about it...
Stay Strong, Stay Beautiful, Stay you! xoxo

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