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I am Doctor Who fan. I love fantasy, sci-fi, romance and some fanfiction genres. I am also a fan of Disney movies. I like mythical creatures mostly dragons and unicorns and phoenixes. My favorite animal is a llama. My favorite mythical creature is a dragon. My favorite type of food is veggies.

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    mumbled "Hey I am back"

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    Sorry I have not been on lately I finally got a Chromebook so hopefully, I'll be on a lot more. If you don't see me for a few days don't worry I am fine or just sick or busy with other things love Y'all. I will update living dead girls soon. Bye, I missed Y'all and love Y'all
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    hey I've only read the first few sentences but this is good suspenseful I am going to read it every chance I get.
    No Questions Please
    No Questions Pleas...
    "The story you're about to read... not all of us want you to know about it. Please keep it to yourself. Don't let anyone know what you learn, okay? We could get in trouble. Or killed." A seemingly normal...
    Larry The Confused Child
    Aww thank you!
    Lady  Whovian
    3 weeks ago
    your welcome
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    mumbled "Hey it is me zandora"

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    I am thinking of changing my pen name to something really cool but all I got is Lady Dragon, Lady Z, Zane the girl, and Loki's chic or Spidey's soulmate anyone have any ideas. Here is a list of things I like. Mythical creatures, Doctor Who, Marvel, DC Comics, and cute random things.
    1 months ago
    i support
    1 months ago
    I like it too
    Lady  Whovian
    1 months ago
    Lady Dragon is it a good name?
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