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Queer as can be, a total Queen. Diva, bitch, cunt. There is too much me and not enough fucks to give for me to describe every part of me. All you need to know is that I'm part hopeless romantic, part optimist, part pessimist, completely fucked up and I see the world around me as a beautiful disaster. I live in a dystopia staring through cracks in the walls and reaching out to grab parts of the utopia around me. I love my brain almost as much as I hate it but nowhere near as much as I make out. I almost certainly have borderline personality disorder. I have made being hated an art form and have mastered skills of splitting opinion and playing devils advocate. - There are other things about me, some of them might be interesting, most you'd probably rather not know at all. - I doubt you've even read this far but if you have thank you and I'd like to offer my apologies to you; don't worry, I hate me too.x ~Zander.

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    Love your writing style, love your work, can't wait for you to do more work on Outsiders which is my new favorite unfinished LGBTQ+, Dystopian novel Please keep up with the accepting and inclusive nature of this novel by adding details of characters that don't fit the social stereotypes Also if you introduce a character based off of me I will love you forever...hint hint *wink wink* .xxx ~Zander.
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