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Boring facts about me:
My favorite color is red.
I'm fascinated about Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece-in short, a history geek.
Sketching humans and outdoors is my favorite hobby, reading is in second place.(From Brazilian soccer player Naymar)
I LOVE soccer. Like, I would literally marry a soccer player if I had the chance.
I also like writing. Dozens of stories, most only are two or three pages long. I'm kind of disorganized...I procrastinate a lot....A LOT...
Whatever, I live near the beach, lucky me! (Or, I'd be the first to go if there's ever a tsunami)

If I lived in the 1700s and earlier, where slavery was, I'd puff out my ridiclous long dress and proclaim that women have rights and blacks deserved to be treated equally.
If I lived in Rome, I would steal a soldier's puffy red helmet and throw it at a random senator.
If I were Michelangelo's mother, I'd scold him because of the nature of this works.
If I were British, I'd pride myself on my cool accent, but awkwardly look away when I read in History that we lost the American colonies.
If I were what the rest say 'cool' is, I wouldn't be keeping it real.
If I were an animal, I'd live in the sweetest ignorance from the evils humans torment themselves with.

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