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  • Zagoner
    6 years agoReply
    Very good, II'm not one for Romance but this one is great!
    I Met Him in Teldrassil
    I Met Him in Teldr...
    World of Warcraft story
    6 years ago
    Ha . I forgot to post to your comment under reply. See below. :)
  • Zagoner
    6 years agoReply
    Just made an account to enter a story for a go and to read others, Yet i don't know how to read and vote for others storys? Anyone willing to tell me how?
    6 years ago
    Thanks, Will be voting etc.
    Would be grateful if people checked out my story and gave it some critique since it's a first for me! :-)
    6 years ago
    Could u please read mine WOW:Blood elves power i tried really hard and would be so happy if i placed i will read yours aswell
    6 years ago
    I read a couple of people's entries already and most of them are really good.I just started on my movella and I would love to hear what people think. I have long been thinking about writing a book, but have never had the time. This competition has given me the chance to show some of my ideas and how my mind works when writing. Thanks in advance.
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