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My name's Yvonne. I work for Movellas with the community, business development, marketing and PR people. I occasionally cover for the community manager. I studied English Literature at uni a very long time ago, when many of you weren't even born, and I also taught English for 5 years in some large Secondary schools in West London. I then got interested in business and after some stints in large technology companies, I joined Movellas back in December last year and have been working behind the scenes to make it a success. Thought I should really introduce myself! The picture is me with Hugh Jackman!!!

  • A Poem For The Irish
    A Poem For The Iri...
    by Yvonne

  • E.H Weaver
    6 months agoReply
    Hi there! It's me Taylor? I've returned from being long lost at my social life! This is my new account hope to see you all over there! :)
    Hope you're all well and welcome me back. Sorry if I abandoned you, I missed you all but I'm glad to be back.

  • Salamasunny
    1 years agoReply
    I am hoping to host a writing competition on my profile. Before I do so I wanted to check that it wasn't against the rules/regulations of the website?
    Thank you in advance,
    Kyra Schlachter :)
  • Ahlaam Nightshade
    Thanks so much, @[Eva84], @[Molly Looby], @P@uline, @[Yvonne ] and everyone else who has been working so hard over the past few days to make Movellas a safer, happier place. We appreciate it.

  • RockkaRolla Maverick ☆
    Hello, Yvonne.
    I keep coming across spam accounts, comments or movellas, I was wondering... Have you thought of putting up a CAPTCHA for creating new accounts? I just wanted to let you know because the spam movellas have started to increase...
    Thank you.
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