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Hi! I'm Yun, I write stories about spies, thieves, young adults, and socialites with lots and lots and lots of sexy time.

-My dreams are an Engineer's nightmare
-American Horror Story | Vampire Diaries | Gossip Girl | Once Upon a Time | The Walking Dead
-Christian Grey's 17th Submissive
-EDM | Indie | Seldom on Kpop | A little Monster

Yes, what you see as my last name is real. So if you try to bitch on me, I'll send mother monster under your bed and let her do those mojo Illuminati skills she has been doing for whatever years on. Don't try to go Grammar Nazi on me, I am not in the mood to answer in French.

I want to be friendly and approachable okay? And if you want to have some peek at my life (and if you want to follow me) here are my links belowww :

Eenstagrum: http://instagram.com/yuniversal
Twirrer: https://twitter.com/ynvrsl
WeHurtEat: http://weheartit.com/Yuniversal
Tumblr: I forgot my password.

I'd love to tell you more about myself but . . . you know my identification is CLASSIFIED.

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