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I love dogs and puppies because they are so cute and fluffy !!!
cupcakes are really yummy with lots of icing and decorations on top :) :)
I was shown this website by bobsicle who writes cool stories so look at them. I'm currently writing a mini kind of book but it isn't much so you shouldn't expect too much :) :) :) !!!!
Check out lola macy Isabel and Billie the Dragon Owl because they both have great stories and i wish i could write as well as they can and fan them. They are AWESOME !!!!!!
I hope you like my picture, i'm trying to show a message about being optimistic and happy to make you feel happy no matter what happens because there is always something nice to happen, you just don't know when.
Different things i like about life is that you never know what's going to happen and that give you a thrill which is what helps you carry on not knowing what it has planned for you, it's not always good or easy but it can always be overcome if you know how !!!
I might use that as a plot for some sort of book to help people if they are struggling (which hopefully they're not).

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  • yummycookies:)
    I absolutely love this story it's so funny especially when he can't open the cupboard and just wrecks everything !!! I have fanned you and favourited you please fan me back. Also if you have a badge I will use it :) :)
    Dim Dog
    Dim Dog
    Dogs get up to lots when humans are away!!!!!
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    I love your story i have fanned you and pleaae fan me back !!! :) :)
    If you have a badge I will use it !
    The 1D Games! <3
    The 1D Games! <3
    One Direction meets The Hunger Games! For this, all of One Direction will be taken somewhere, and 5 girls between the ages of 18-21 will take a journey to go find them :-)
  • yummycookies:)
    This is really weird because this is exactly what I do !!!
    How did you know :) :) :)
    Typical Teenage Acts
    Typical Teenage...
    Typical things that most teenagers go through...or at least I do, despite not quite being a teen yet.
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