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Read my work n give me some advise!! = ] happy days

  • Ysosad

    mumbled "Trip on MDMA! Mandy's love"

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    I m excited, by the alcoholic haze n other sided fate!
    I wonder if the street light, came across my face!!
    My heart starts beating like a horse galloping in the greenery scene!
    N i have become mandys lover grim!!

    I took a bite, the bitterness stroke me by.
    I sniffed it, like as if it gave me pleasure through my nostril!
    My eyes were watery just like my lover had left me!
    Finally i drank it, just like a holy water repelling evil!

    I felt my leg lighter, as if i was in space!!
    Then i was floating, just like an air!
    I ran like a horse, i flew like a bird!!
    Then i realize how happy i was!!
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