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Living on the 67 Chevy Impala's Backseat biatchez.
I adore Supernatural, One Direction & Cheerleading. (:

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    mumbled "Dont touch meeeeh"

    Okay so I got a One Direction ticket for the concert on 11th of may and now I messed up my math exam and my parents took it and said I am not allowed to go.
    WHY GOD WHY? DONT :) TOUCH :) ME :) I :) AM :) SHAKING :)
    5 years ago
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    Oh, i'd be PISSED! I have tickets for June 25th, even though I live in Florida.....It's in Pennsylvania :) If they tried to take it away I'd probably go mental, or turn part cat.....
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    Well I yelled at them for atleast 20min, took my bag and smashed outside.
    But I was back in 5 min cuz I wore no shoes haha. :D

    i dont talk to them nor do i look at them. i'm just like "you dont deserve my attention peasant." the sassprincess has spoken.
    5 years ago
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