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Just a teenage writer with a crazy imagination. I promise YouCanCryiWontJudge. I write fiction with a sprinkle of romance. I usually write about magic and anything that may be totally opposite of our world. Please enjoy!

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    mumbled "Mynth"

    Here y'all are as promised!
    'His skin was snowy white with black veins trailing up his arms and down his neck. He had high cheek bones leading up to his eyes. His eyes were a dangerous black with blue pupils that screamed playfulness. I realized he noticed me watching, and licked his teeth. The teeth changed from regular teeth to hundreds of canines, equipped with a smile of pleasure.'
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    mumbled "New to Movellas!"

    Hey guys and gals! I am new to Movellas and hoping to get some feedback about my current project. I am presently working on a fictional piece between a girl and creature who have to survive in a world that is completely the same but tremendously different to Earth. I am hoping to post a portion of the story later or tomorrow!
    Thanks for letting me know! Yeah i have to post it tomorrow anyway! I am very scared of what people are going to think of my writing I just hope i can pull feelings from their hearts and help them connect to my very original characters
    (Holy crap get ready for them).
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