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I'm just a girl.
I'm just a teenage girl.
I'm just a teenage girl who sucks at being a teenage girl.
And this is my diary.
Completely real.
No fiction included.
Read away.

  • YesThisIsMyLife
    Wow! Just beautiful! I love how you include the song lyrics! I will be sure to like/fan!
    My DiaryI figured the diaries from Paperchase just don't have enough writing space. I don't know what made me think of sharing my totally embarassing life online,...
    I Remember (1SHOT41D)
    I Remember (1SHOT4...
    Eight years after an unforgettable summer in Spain, Rikke Petersen and Niall Horan meet in the most unexpected place of all. When they have missed each other the whole time, they are happy to see each...
  • YesThisIsMyLife
    This story has a nice plot.
    I like your idea, and some of your writing is really nice!
    One of my problems is that sometimes you switch from past to present tense, and this is one thing that a lot of readers will pick up on, so just watch out for that in the future! It's good but your technique could be worked on slightly! You've really got your reader gripping for more!
    A Special Day
    A Special Day
    For the 1shot41d competition. Kayleigh or known as Kay-Kay by all her friends is a normal average girl. She hates one thing-Valentines Day, she believes it's a waste day full of love by people who would...
    5 years ago
    Thank you, and I will try and change it, your feedback means a lot to me.
  • YesThisIsMyLife
    Very good, but one thing that annoys me is you constantly switch tense. Stick to one rather than the other, and it would make it so much better!x
    The Guardian
    The Guardian
    This story is a crossover - When Jack defeats Pitch, life goes on as he thinks. Jack is now a guardian he goes through out time continuing winter. One night he sees a lone tower holding a girl with...
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