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    Chapter 27 isn't working?? After Ch.26, it shows blank pages and skips to Ch.30, help??
    Hate That Boyband (H.S fanfiction)
    Hate That Boyband...
    (In the process of Editing/Proofreading) Sick of all typical 1D fanfics? Looking for a change? Not only can 1D lovers enjoy this fanfiction but Haters too! Lize Arigalez is a Pure OneDirection Hater,...
    2 years ago

    All chapters should work!

    Are you reading from the Movellas website or the Movellas app? If you are reading from the website, it should work! If you're reading from the Movellas app on the iPhone or Android, it is beyond my control. Moves rarely fix the bugs on the apps so there's bound to be many glitches. Glitches happen because of the app itself, it's not because of my story! So I really apologise!

    What I would advice you to do is to read the story from Wattpad instead! It is named the same way on Wattpad so you can easily find it! Or you can just search my username (aishaayesha), it's a lot faster! :)

    Hope this helps! ^_^
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    oh okay! thank you so much! i'll continue on Wattpad :)
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