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I'm very different, weird, awkward and creative and far away from The possibility of being "NORMAL" , what exactly is "NORMAL"? I like a variety of things weather it's books, music, food and what not. I like to be supportive and supported and i love when people help and encourage me cause it pushes me to do better. even though i'm shy.

Accept my weirdness?

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    mumbled "Random"

    ...This is completely random but today at school, i was thinking about my story that i'm currently writing and what it's about and all the future story's i want to write and most of them are related to that story by genre so like horror and gore and i realized just by rethinking my story how messed up i seem....so yeah....is that a bad thing to be focused on one genre right now because my mind is full of only gore and horror but like a ghoulish romance maybe?
  • xXxYour_HopexXx
    I'm confused at some points, but, i do like the way it's written.
    Nine Inch Nails
    Nine Inch Nails
    Smiley looked at her in a gaze he never had before, and he suddenly asked, "Do you ever wander what is watching you in the dark?"
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