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    My names Ashlynn and I have brown hair with the ombré of purple with tan skin and brown eyes.
    Adopted By 5SOS
    Adopted By 5SOS
    Ashley is a beautiful young girl who has been at an orphanage for as long as she can remember, but one day her life changed forever.
  • xxxbunny_earsxxx
    Plz update
    Living by his rules
    Living by his rule...
    Living by his rules. It is his house, it was so nice of Liz to let me stay here. But I feel trapped. I feel like I have to do as Luke asks or he'll tell his mum everything and my dad will lose his job!...
  • xxxbunny_earsxxx
    Plz update on Do You Feel the Same Way?
    Do you Feel the Same Way?
    Do you Feel the...
    Hi, I'm Sophie and this is my story about how I got stuck in this crazy mess that ended up being not as bad as I thought it would be. Please be patient and nice, it's my first story. ๐Ÿ’•
    3 years ago
    I will. It will be up tomorrow
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