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Fun facts us:
-We are girls! Not boys. I hope the picture of girls doesn't confuse you in any way.
-We love candy and anything else with sugar.
-We love to draw!
-Love to hang out with each other and other close friends.
-We happen to be just about the awesomest people you will ever meet so talk to us!:)
-We both play volleyball and soccer. Sam(girl with brown hair) runs and I,
Ally,(girl with blonde hair) play bad mitten and tennis also.
-Ally which is me, is the only one that goes on the cite so if there are comments are favorites on you story that's usually from me.
-I usually write the chapters for our stories then Sam edits and helps with key plots. I'm a nerd not a geek is a big help in writing too.
-Blueturtles are awesome.


-xXxBlueturtlesxXx away!

P.S.- This is our badge lol. it shows that you are our crazy fan


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    If feels like there is almost no one on here! This time last year, almost 10 on my friends from real life were on here, and now almost no one from anywhere comes on! @[WritingForTheShire234] @[Musical Megster] @[I WILL BE FREE] @[Pink Gummie Bear] @[a_free_spirit] @[The Sellout] @[xXxBlueTurtlesxXx] @[Overachiever] @[RedRose717] @[Eye Sore] @[I'm a nerd not a geek]
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    Oh, forgot. Megster is @[Forever_Unstoppable] now! :)
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    Its boring now
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    SSIA. Anyone feel like up to a debate or just talking about something? In other news, I can now run half a mile in 4 minutes nonstop! (I'm proud of myself!) @[I WILL BE FREE] @[Pink Gummie Bear] @[Overachiever] @[Humphrey Poptart] @[Eyesore] @[Musical Megster] @[RedRose717] @[green koala] @[TRUMPET PLAYER] @[Shearbear] @[Mr. Furture] @[xXxBlueTurtlesxXx] @[I'm a nerd not a geek] @[a_free_spirit] @[The Sellout] @[lonewolf4ever]
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    @[Mr. Future] @[dnbarlas] @[kris2hip122]
    Sixth Legion Victrix
    I'm doing good! I recently learned that if you take the first letter from the months July-November, you get Jason!
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    Stand Up Now
    Stand Up Now
    Real people. Everyday. Real hurt. That's what bullying is. It needs to stop now and we hold the power... So what do you say. Are you going to let it continue or are you going to join us and stand up now?
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    That story is so cute!
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    Ruby ღ
    I'm not a bitch, I'm not a slut, I'm not a whore, And I sure as hell ain't yours. So go ahead and do yourself a favour: Don't believe the rumours you hear about me. Survival 101 - You're as...
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    Hehe, I guess so :D I know he definitely was. ;) xoxo
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