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Ssh and a inspiring author don't crush my dreams I'm also a photographer so yea artistic is what u can call me

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    Can u please make me a cover that is amazing!!!!
    Selcouth [h.s.]
    Selcouth [h.s.]
    selcouth; (adj.) - unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet marvelous ❝he viewed her as a puzzle; hard to understand, hard to figure out, but incredibly intriguing.❞ a journal filled with memories is...
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    Do you write from your phone and if u do...how do u get pictures on the movellas
    Good girl? (Lrh)
    Good girl? (Lrh)
    She's a good girl She's Daddy's favorite He's saved for Harvard He know she'll make it She's good at school She's never truant She can speak French (I think she's fluent) 'Cause every night she...
    Queen Kiwi
    2 years ago
    I do it on laptop
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    What happened to Emily isn't Luke dating her ???
    Falling for the bad boy (lrh)
    Falling for the...
    "He's no good for you" she screamed. "You don't know what good for me" I screamed back. "He won't change" she screamed I could see the anger in her eyes. "I can change him" I screamed tears streaming...
    Queen Kiwi
    2 years ago
    Luke never dated anyone named emily
    2 years ago
    Nvm wrong story my bad
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    Come on!! I waited this long for this?? Longer chapters pleas
    What Have You Done.? *punk afi*
    What Have You Done...
    "Fuck off Irwin." I say annoyed. "I don't think so babe." He pulls me closer to his chest. "Let go of me." I groaned trying to get out his grip. He chuckles leaning his head down connecting...
    J a y.
    2 years ago
    I'm soorry. I did the chapter in school during study hall. But I'll try my best to make the next chapter longer.
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