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    I must be like addicted to movellas with Niall as the bad boy cuz I'm def loving this one :). Update soon
    5 years ago
    there you go love. I added 5 more Chapter since I know it's been a while & I probably won't update cause of school & homework. hope you like it though. Xx
  • xXRoseamberXx
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    Chick u need to update ASAP. This story has me hooked like hangers to clothes........bad analogy whatever just know this is great!
    How Unfortunate
    How Unfortunate
    The boys are on their way to rehearsals in the middle of the night when their GPS malfunctions and sends them off into the middle of nowhere. With no reception to call for help, the boys are forced to...
  • xXRoseamberXx
    Well I'll tell u tht I never expected George Shelly to be in here. I was like holy shiz!!!!! So update! :)
    The Story of a Ritch Kid (1D fanfic)
    The Story of a Rit...
    A girl named Maximum is ritch, has a ritch family, goes to a ritch people school, and lives in the ritchest place on earth, Beverly Hills. Well that happened after her parents got really famous. So...
    5 years ago
    haha! I will update like either tonight and tomorrow, its a real close call!
  • xXRoseamberXx
    Wow. This is good. Update :)
    Summer Love (On Hold)
    Summer Love (On...
    Taylor is a straight-A student and every parents dream. She was the perfect daughter and she had it all. But one thing that lacked in her life was adventure. So when she has a fight with boyfriend of 3...
  • xXRoseamberXx
    Whoa. Love already? Oh dang! Lol so far soooooo good!
    Chasing The Sun
    Chasing The Sun
    Ebony Hunter is a dancer who secretly wants to do singing. When she is assigned to choreograph The Wanted in time for their next song, she finds herself being drawn closer to Nathan Sykes, the band's...
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