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brown hair, grey eyes, pink lips, spring dress, Thai, U.S. citizen, live in America, and an A+ student. Love my BFF's, Nhung, Keyaira and Chandler, Lily, Sara, Keziah, Amaya, Jayda, Jenna, and Emily.

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    mumbled "Making new movellas"

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    I am making a new novellas called, 'Elsa, A Modern Cinderella'. It's a little different from the original Cinderella, but I hope you like it. :-)
    4 years ago
    When will you publish it
    4 years ago
    When will you publish it plz tell me so I can read ot
    2 years ago
    Hey. This is my backup acc. Sorry, I havent been on Movellas for a year. I was plannjng on this but I'm probably gonna upload the story to Wattpad instead. I've been on Wattpad instead of Movellas this past year. My user is Coco_mendes if you wanna fibd me.
  • Thai Princess
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    The blurb is all wrong.
    Olaf's family💕  ⛄️
    Olaf's family💕...
    So Olaf is now a snowman for summer and winter☀️. So when Olaf goes to the beach, he finds the girl of his dreams named Miss.Snowlof.🌁 and he starts a family 💏 and makes a fortune 💎$💎$💎$💎$, haves...
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