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    More! This is amazayn!!!
    I Kissed The Boy With The Irish Accent
    I Kissed The Boy...
    Ellie Carlisle is a very lucky brit. She kissed Niall Horan. All she ever wanted was to see him again, but his busy life as a superstar prevents him from getting in contact.. But what happens when one...
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    Please write more.
    Too Far
    Too Far
    Trixie is the daughter of famous (and very rich) tycoon Richard Maryson. She is notoriously wild, so when one night she goes over the top, even for her, she gets a choice - go to therapy or go to normal...
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    More!!!! This is so good! Can't get enough of it!! Keep going love! X
    The Unforgettable Vacation
    The Unforgettable...
    Sydney lives in Georgia and is going to visit her aunt in California. On her way something happens, and she meets someone she never thought she would fall in love with. Then something scary/mysterious...
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    Fix your spelling mistakes. Otherwise it's good.
    A choice to make-One Direction.
    A choice to make-O...
    "Dear diary. I feel like such a whore, sorry my language. I don't know why Liam was next to me when i woke up. I should probably say that he was neaked, and so was i. My head hurts. I will never drink...
    Natalie Didde
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    Thank you so much! :-)
    -I will!
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    I read anything that you write because you're really good! Keep going love!
    Forever Begins Now
    Forever Begins Now
    First, I want to thank forever_young14 for suggesting this awesome name, and I just so happened to think it would suit this sequel very well. Second, THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO Coincidental Love!!!! Haley...
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