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Love you Guys
<3 <3<3 Mason <3 <3 <3
<3<3 Lucifer <3<3
<3 <3 Dillan <3 <3
<3 <3 Jacob Stufflebean <3 <3
I care about him. i loves him. aaaaannnnddddd i love my babyboy tooooo. love ya tooo mason!!!!
I love you tooooo Lucifer!!!
Love you Dillan !!!!
You guys all mean the world to me <3 dont leave me thats all I ask <3 <3
Feels: EXCITED!!!!
Why: i got my life set. i stopped my self harm. im safe. and loved. I'm ready to show who I am! Ready people! I LOVE YOU FRIENDS!!

Most of you are either really good friends or just always there for me. Mason is my babyboy <3 <3 love him most he's everything to me. Mason is everything to me and when he is there when he talks to me im like one of the most happiest girls in the world i am on of those lucky babes XD god i felt ugly my whole life but now i feel beautiful

All I listen to is "your fat, ugly, a freak, loser, nobody, and worthless!!
All I ever want to be is pretty, skinny, cute, sweet, popular, and haves lots of friends that love me!!
Everyday I go to school I cry to myself, I tell myself stop being scare, look at the bright side, and i will never make it with these people

If you hear me say I'm ok (im really not)
If you hear me say I'm Fine (im not really)
If you hear me say cool (im trying to hide something)
If you hear me say I'm sick of this shit (stop doing what your doing and listen to yourself and think what did i do and try to stop cause you might be hurting me)

"depression stole my eduation, It stole my friends. my motivation, my dreams, my future, my life, me "

"it stings in the shower and the sad part is you know exactly what i'm talking about" (m.r)

"my life is sad and so am i i hate myself i want to die"

"4am knows all my secrets"

"not all scars show. not all wounds heal. sometimes you can't see the pain someone feels."

The girl you just called fat? She's overdosing on diet pills. The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting on makeup hoping people will like her. The boy you just tripped? He's being abused enough at home. See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for this country. That guy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying.
Put this as your profile if you're against bullying.
I bet 95% of you won't, but I'm sure the people with a heart will.

If you want to contact me some other place you can on the links below:
Email: syarrington20@student.scc.k12.wi.us
Video call (rabb.it) - Masons_Angel
(or videolink02.me) my email ^
number - 1 (715) 513-7828 (just say your user name thanks)
facebook - stephanie panda
wattpad - Panda_Prince01
hangouts - Rylan - Stephanie PandaSoll
-Just message me anywhere ^^^-

Stop The HATE!!

by , Wednesday October 12, 2016
Stop The HATE!!

Have you been bullyed!? Do you want to stop it!? Help US!!

I am starting a anti - bullying system!! What we will be doing is everybody who wants to join the "club" and become leaders of this group will post out a quick no more than 2 minute video! We want you to help us please!!

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    mumbled "Hey you guys!!"

    Ik it's been a will and all. I have had life and shit happend and well i bet many of you knew about me and Mason dating.... news is we are officially over now. and we are going to see eachother in person in a year :) and if maybe we might end up being together then... ik you guys think we were goals or some did. and well im so shitting right now DX i'm tired
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    Its not that bad tf XD its just weed thats the only thing and ik about weed sence i was like 5 XDD
    One of the Two
    One of the Two
    This story is about Two girls who joined a gang. See what happens to them or around them. Made by: Mari and Brooklyn
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    mumbled "when babe..."

    ask you what your doing and you think he's going to have a full conversation but then he goes right offline and awnsers you for sh*t!! So now you are siting in your room crying hard because all you feel is worthless because you know you cant spam him or he's going to scream at you DXXX kill me already
    BabyGirlBooo ❤️
    Who are you talking about?
    My boyfriend
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    why you sad about homecoming??
    tbh i didnt even go to my homecoming dance this year DX it would of been my first one but my mom wouldnt let me go and my boyfriend wasnt in town yet! Still isnt DX
    Diary/ Bio (Not fiction) Meh #4
    Diary/ Bio (Not...
    Hello, so if you count the ones from Wattpad, this would be my 4th Bio aka Meh #4. So this is just gonna be filled with rants maybe, feelings and stuff that goes on I guess.Enjoy! Leave comments please,...
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    mumbled "I love him"

    (i posted this on facebook and he said he dosnt want to put anything on facebook about us with our names entell we are together in person and he said I love you in the comments! Thats a step up and Now im so excited to be with him)
    He tells me every time i say im ugly im beautiful!
    Every time I use to hang up on him because i was piss he would call me over and over and over again tell i awnsered! He wanted me to be happy! He told me that one day he wants to take me out somewhere to be by ourselves to look up at the stars but instead just look in my eyes! He says in my eyes he sees like a whole nother galaxy with millions of stars or something like that XD. He yells at me when he sees me put on makeup!!
    He always cares for me! He always tells me when im crying because i feel worthless that Im his everything and that everytime he talks to me he feels compleat and whenever we are apart he feels apart!! He loves me!! He wrote a song for me! He played it for his town!! Everyone cheared!! IM IN LoVE WITH YOU BABY!!!!

    (the image wont loud sorry you guys DX but this is what i posted)
    well its just says stuff about what a girl should wait for in a guy!! I pretty much just stated it in what i posted with the picture!! But in my pov because i have that type of man
    That's so cute!!! @.@
    hehe thx XD i loves him XD
    so i told him to block one of my fake friends and he said he did and for some reason she was still able to like a picture so he then showed me his block list and there was a ton of girls and i was like wow you block a lot of girls
    "Ppl just don't get the message that I'm taken by the must amazing girl I've ever seen"
    thats what he told me then
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