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Hi I'm Jenny, I absolutely love reading and writing, who doesn't? I love horses and I go horseriding once every fortnight. When I'm older I want to have my own writing magazine as I can write short stories and poems but not long books. My favourite subjects are English, Drama and I love art even though I'm really bad at it.
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There are three things in life that you should always remember:
Live life and love poetry!,
"If things keep going downhill, soon there will be no room left to fall!"
"Don't judge me, I'm not auditioning!"

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    [Note: This speech will be very, very long.]
    Wow. Just... Wow. You guys, I have over eight hundred followers. EIGHT HUNDRED. That's... That's incredible. It honestly astounds me that people enjoy reading my work, and honestly, I'm just so grateful that I have so many people I know will always be here for me.

    When I first started writing on movellas, it was purely because my narcissistic little mind wanted to prove I was a good writer. Back then, I was a terrible writer. Like, a really terrible writer.

    My first movella came two weeks after I realised that this was a site for aspiring authors, rather than a collection of work by J.K Rowling herself. (Yeah, I found out about the site through fan fiction.)

    It was basically a Harry Potter fan fiction filled with cliches, text speak, simply awful grammatical errors, and the most undairylike diary writing anyone has ever seen. And for some weird reason, someone actually bothered to compliment me on it, even though it was dreadful. This user was @[xxJenJenxx] .

    My first non-adoring comment nearly made me cry, though if simply stated that it was full of grammatical errors, which it really was, though this was (I think) my sixth or seventh movella. Afterwards, I realised that maybe they were right, so I no longer used text speak.

    In around Jamuary 2014, I wrote my first proper original fiction: 'Born From Blood' which was then changed to 'Blood Birth', 'The Blood Bond' and finally 'How The Undead Die' before I completely gave up in August 2014.

    At this point, I was sort of becoming popular, and I honestly have no idea how it happened, apart from finally sorting out my grammar.

    The rest was really just a blur of words, picture prompts, competition, kind words, mean words, and really everything else in between. I cherished it, and I loved every minute of being on the site.

    At the beginning of 2015, I wrote a new story 'We Are The Damned' and honestly, it had the greatest reception I ever could wish for. It is now third most popular Fantasy movella of all time, and every single minute of writing it has meant so much to me, and I have loved all the kind comments, selfish as that may sound.

    Now I have eight hundred (and two) fans, and I honestly want to hug every single one of you precious little angels! Thank you. Thank you so, so much.


    Le Fox
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    6 months ago
    Asteria Grace Wordsmith
    Jamurary!!! I love Jamurary!!! xD Sorry couldn't help myself...

    But you seriously deserve all of these fans! You are.... AWESOME!!!
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    I think I forgot to apply for June's, can I still be in Septembers?
    Movellas Friendship Day
    Movellas Friendshi...
    This happens once every month for people looking for people to be friends. We put different people together and that we don't think are already friends. They then fan each other and create a co-author...
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    Hi guys,
    I am now a guide so feel free to ask if you have any questions about the site or want me to read any of your movellas :)
    2 years ago
    Hi! I was wondering if you'd be interested in reading my movella, Behind the Scenes. I'm really trying to put all my effort into this one and make it my best, so every bit of CC is appreciated greatly. I'd love to return the favor to you! Here's the link:
    Behind the ScenesBelle Andrews is a movie star. She attends award ceremonies, dresses up for the red carpet, and best of all: stars as the leading lady in the new film,...
    1 years ago
    Would you mined checking out my movella, Mia June and giving me some feedback? I'm debating whether or not to update it. P.S I love all of your movellas!! :)
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