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My favorite color is black. I listen to rock, heavy metal, screamo, etc. I shop at Hot Topic, and sometimes Spencer's. I dress all black, and I wear black nail polish. I'm considered an outcast by most, and I can be very shy. I write adventure stories and sad poetry. Knowing these things about me, would you have ever guessed I am a God-loving Christian? I am. I also write beautiful books with vivid descriptions. Don't judge people by their stereotype. I am a child of Jesus, and I love him more than anything. :) If you have questions about my faith in God and/or Jesus, please e-mail me at Belle1234@fuse.net. I love you all!! <3

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    haha that's so true! :) No matter how different you are, you shouldn't let others get you down.
    If I was prettier...
    If I was prettier....
    This Poem is for 'The BIG Poetry Competition'. So please like, fav ad comment. Thank You. Copyright (C)
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    this is beautiful! I hope you realize how beautiful your writing is! :)

    You are beautiful! <3,
    Sonnet 1(30)
    Sonnet 1(30)
    My entry for the Valentine's Day competition. My sonnet in the style of Shakespeare's Sonnet 130. Please like, as even being the 3rd runner up would be amazing!:)
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    that is how I feel ALL the time. No one understands? I understand! I know what it is like to want to be alone, I'm alone all the time... and I love it! I understand how it feels to have no pride, to hurt so badly inside. That's every day of my life. I understand completely. Carry on. Pain is temporary. I promise. This will all go away someday, and when it does, you'll feel the weight lift off! Just wait- and help yourself. Don't dwell in the sadness. I have a hard time doing that. But I promise you, there is a rainbow over that horrible storm. Stay strong. You are beautiful. <3,
    Why are you too blind to see?
    Why are you too...
    A poem about someone with depression
    2 years ago
    Haha thank you! Luckily it's been a good 3 years since I wrote this and I am fine :')
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