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Just about ready to put about my creativity out into the world for your entertainment :D!
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    mumbled "Back again! "

    Hey guys, i'm so sorry I havent been on!! I'm going to write more I will try, i've been so busy but ill be back on track! Let me know which stories you want me to continue the most and I will do that

    xoxo -Amanda

  • xxFlowerVine
    Hey Noemi ! I've read your stories and they are awesome! I am new to Movella, and I was just wondering if you can check out my story : The Perks of being an guardian angel" & if you could possibly shout me out ? Thank you love ! :)

  • xxFlowerVine
    Hey Shelby:) I like your stories, I think they are great! Im new, and I was just wondering and do me a big favor and read my story "the perks of being an angel" and maybe shout me out if possible? Thank you love!-
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    4 years ago
    oh sure of course
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