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Directioner'!! How many r's?! Anyway....I Love To Writee,Thanks For Reading My Stories! Follow Me On Twitter? @Denisse_Horan or @Denisee_2122

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    mumbled "Stay Positive!"

    Heyy! If You See The Image....Then You Should Know Thatsz Damon Fizzy Or Deefizzy. Because Of Him, I Stay Stronger Than Ever, People At School Hate Me Even Though I Didn't Do Nothingg But I Don't Really Care Because Deefizzy Says You Shouldn't Let Them Stop You From Being You. If You Feel Sad Or Not In The Mood....Go On Youtube And Check His Videos....They Help.
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    Can I co-author one of your fanfics?
    Sure.. But First I just have to put more chapters on the fanfic I'm doing.
    5 years ago
    Ok just tell me what I should do
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