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Thing One.
Thing Two.
Where are you?
Will you save me?
Help me daydream?
I did not choose the fangirl life...the fangirl life crawled from the depths of hell and yanked me down in with them.But hey!There's wifi.
I will always be a directioner no matter what happens and what the boys do.I did not only decide to live by becoming a Directioner...but I also gained a family of millions that encouraged me to live.
I am a Larry Shipper by heart and if you respect my ship I shall respect yours.
It all started with an "Oops" and a "Hi".
I didn't mean to fall for you...I tripped.
I love all of my family,no matter what you ship.Love me I'll love you back.
Larry and Happiness...my main ships.
Original Niall's girl.If you didn't love Niall before and during the braces then you have no right to love him now.
Forget the haters cause somebody loves ya!
One Direction saved me,and when they started to slip away 5 Seconds of Summer came around and grabbed on.
If you are going to leave this Directioner fandom for 5sauce I'll hold the door open for you...carrot.
My Wattpad is:_xxBornxToxDiexx_
Love me,hate me,say what you want.
Middle fingers up if you don't give a fxck.

  • xxBorn.To.Diexx

    mumbled "New Here!"

    Okay so I have like two other accounts on here but I forgot their passwords! XD Huge Directioner here and I can't wait to see what stories and adventures Movellas holds for me!
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