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    Wow, I can't to see what happens!!! Gosh, awesome start. One think I would say is make sure you use capitals at the start of a sentence and all I's should be capital too. This is just a tip I feel like sharing and I say this to pretty much everyone - implying things is a good skill, for example I got A* on my narative by implying that my main character was OCD, but not actually stating it. I just put stuff about permanently using hand sanitizer and always combing his hair and stuff. Just Sayin :D
    Thank you! I think the capital letters went wrong because I typed it up from my kindle (my sister wouldn't let me use her laptop) I know what you mean by the OCD thing. I think it's called "showing not telling" So if you were going to say that you were in a train station, for example, you wouldn't say "I was in a train station." you would say something like "when I got off the train the cold air slapped my face and sent my hair blowing like flames in the wind. All I could see were people rushing around, searching for the platform their train would come to." So it gives an image and the reader can see that the character is in a train station with out even saying so. :)
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