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i love writing poems songs and stories and i can write daires x

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    Alone i was standing at his cold feet.Crying aloud tears slowly going down my face , all i could hear was the wild wind rustling through the trees.Icould smell freash sping flowers and clear pond water .I kneelt down all i could feel was the damp foggy mist against my face and the wet soggy grass unders my hands. I could taste the mist in my mouth it felt lik thick hot soup going down my throut then as a knielt slowly over him i placed what seemed just one tiny object a red tulip and put it above his stone cold grave and i whispered to myself " one red tulip means one forever dying love for you " and bravely but eventually got up my eyes sore red and my cheeks flushed pink from all the crying and blaming myself for the death of my boyfriend ...
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